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A fudge shop owner dumped a week before her Christmas wedding. The best friend who has sworn never to risk his heart. A Christmas tragedy that could tie them together or pull them apart.

Christmas isn’t looking so merry and bright for fudge shop owner Ariana when her fiancé walks out of her life only a week before their Christmas wedding. As she turns to her lifelong best friend Ethan to help her pick up the pieces, she’s careful not to let the feelings she once harbored for him surface. He’s made it more than clear that he doesn’t think about her that way.

Volunteer firefighter Ethan has kept his heart in a steel cage for the past ten years—ever since his entire family was killed in a car accident. But when Ariana needs him, he knows he has to be there for her. Even if the thought of risking his heart to her leaves him quaking in his fire boots. He knows what happens when you love someone: they can be snatched from you.


Just as he finally works up the courage to take the leap, the unthinkable happens. Now Ethan has to decide: Can he trust that all thingsincluding his relationship with Arianaare in God's hands? Or will he be spending another Christmas alone?


If you love fast-paced, emotional stories filled with faith and love, you’ll love Ariana and Ethan’s story. Get it free when you sign up for my author newsletter.

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She chose her career over him. He put his family before her. When they get a second chance, will they choose to put each other first?


As she climbs the corporate ladder, Sophie doesn’t let herself think about what she gave up when she declined Spencer’s proposal five years ago. So when she’s called home to say goodbye to her dying grandmother, she goes out of her way to avoid seeing him. Of course, that means he’s the first person she runs into. Much as she fights against it, being near him stirs up old feelings and makes her question old decisions. 

Leaving college to help on the family farm cost Spencer the woman he loved. But he couldn’t turn his back on his family. Now that Sophie’s back in town, Spencer’s determined to protect his heart. Only he senses something new in Sophie—something that makes him think maybe they could have a second chance. But when his family needs him again, he feels like he’s repeating the past.

Only this time, he’s not sure what choice he should make.

Is God giving them a second chance? Or are the heartaches of the past too much to overcome?

If you love fast-paced, emotional stories filled with faith, forgiveness, love, and the promise of forever, then you'll love this touching reminder that it's never too late for a second chance. Grab your copy and dive into this sweet, heartwarming story today.

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She’s looking for “the one.” He knows it can never be him. Unless God has other plans for them...

Peyton has been looking for “the one” forever. She thought she’d finally met him when she started dating Jared. But when he told her he never planned to get married, she had to face the facts: maybe he wasn’t the one God intended for her after all. Now, she’s just trying to survive the annual ski trip with her bones—and her heart—intact.

Jared wishes he could give Peyton everything she desires. But marriage is the one thing he can never offer her. Not that it makes it easy to let her go. Especially when everywhere he turns on this ski trip, he sees her with another man—a man Jared knows can’t be trusted.

Jared may not have any business worrying about Peyton anymore. But he promised himself long ago that he’d never again stand by and watch a woman get hurt. And he’s not about to let anything happen to the woman he still loves. Even if that means losing her forever.


When a crisis rocks the trip, both have to reexamine what they want. But are their hopes for the future still too different, or can they trust that God has a plan for them?

If you love fast-paced, emotional stories filled with faith and second chances, you’ll melt for Not Until This Moment. Grab your copy and cozy up with this heartwarming, faith-filled story today.

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She clings to the past like a treasured antique. He’d rather toss it in the trash. But if they can learn to trust in the God of second chances, they might just discover a future together.

The past is all she has… Since her husband’s death three years ago, Violet has struggled to keep their antique store afloat and her grief at bay. She knows it’s time to move on, but she’s not sure she wants to. So when Nate moves in next door, she tries to ignore the feelings he stirs in her—feelings that were supposed to have died with her husband.


The past haunts him… Nate’s star was rising in the world of Christian music. But all that was erased with  a single, life-shattering mistake. One he doesn’t deserve to be forgiven for. One that means he doesn’t deserve a future—and definitely not with his beautiful new neighbor.

Can they have a future? As the two work together to save her store, neither can deny the feelings that are starting to develop. But when Nate’s secret is exposed, they have to decide if they should walk away—or trust that the God of second chances has a plan for their future.

Filled with faith, hope, and second chances, NOT UNTIL YOU will touch your heart and leave you breathless with the power of true love. Grab your copy and soak up this emotional Christian romance today.

Town bad girl + local pastor = a match made in heaven?

When Jade agrees to return to Hope Springs for the summer, it’s with the hope that she might finally be able to escape her past. But small towns have long memories—and Jade knows she deserves every one of the judgmental looks the townspeople direct her way. What she doesn’t understand is the handful of people who see past her reputation, including her ex-almost-boyfriend Dan, whom she left without so much as a word of explanation eight years ago.

Newly appointed as head pastor of Hope Church to replace his deceased father, Dan is under pressure to prove he’s up to the task. He doesn’t need any distractions. Not newcomer Grace, who on paper would make a perfect pastor’s wife, and especially not Jade—who, well, wouldn’t.

But as Dan and Jade get to know one another again, they can’t deny that their relationship has grown from childhood crush to once-in-a-lifetime connection. When Jade learns a secret that could destroy both of their reputations, they have to decide: Trust God to see them through this, or walk away again?

A fast-paced, emotional story of love, forgiveness, and second chances, Not Until Us is a clean Christian romance that will touch your heart and leave you feeling uplifted and filled with hope. Grab your copy and fall in love with the people of Hope Springs today.

She's a fixer... He's about as broken as they come... Can they learn to turn to God for healing and hope this Christmas?

Leah has always been a fixer. That’s why she decided to foster a troubled teen. And it’s why she’s determined to give him the perfect Christmas. It might also be why she feels compelled to reach out to her grinchy, reclusive neighbor Austin. But she’ll have to be careful that reaching out doesn’t turn into something more—she’s been hurt by crossing the line from friendship to romance once, and she’s not willing to let it happen again.


After losing his leg and his faith in Afghanistan, Austin figures he’s about as broken as they come. For Austin, Hope Springs is simply a stopping point—a place to rehabilitate his leg, get over the burden of his PTSD, and get back into shape to redeploy. He has no desire to get to know anyone while he’s here, least of all the meddlesome—if sweet—woman next door. But when she calls on him to help her make Christmas special for her foster son, something compels him to relent. Soon, his heart belongs to both of them.


But what if Austin is too broken for even Leah to fix? Can the two of them learn to turn to God for hope and healing—and maybe even a chance at love?

Not Until Christmas Morning is a heartwarming Christian romance filled with faith, love, and the reminder to trust God "even if." 

I have loved you with an everlasting love;

   I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

Jeremiah 31:3

This was a fabulous, fantastic, best-ever Christmas book. Wow!

-Advance Reader


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