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Judah Calvano has spent the past two decades running from his faith, his family, and the guilt of his past sins. But will returning to River Falls finally allow him to come to peace with all of it—and maybe even lead to a second chance at love?


“I fell in love with River Falls and the Calvano family!”

Fall in love with the Calvano family as they find forgiveness, second chances, and new beginnings in the small town of River Falls, Tennessee. Filled with faith, humor, and heart, this series will draw you in, make you part of the family, and leave you wanting to stay in River Falls forever.


“The characters draw you in and keep you to the end as you see them growing in their faith and their relationships. You want to cry with them, laugh with them - and rejoice with them, and go on to the next book to find out more…”

“This family was like walking into a big hug.”

“These books always make me feel like I'm sitting there watching and listening, more than just reading!”

“The characters all are real to me, I almost wanted to call them family.”


"Karen Kingsbury meets Nicholas Sparks"

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