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"My heart was so in it... I loved it all the way through."

They may have gotten married for practical reasons—but that doesn’t make it a marriage of convenience. At least not in his eyes. Now he just has to convince his wife...

As the baby of the Calvano family, Benjamin has a reputation as the goofy, fun-loving, spontaneous one. The one who has never faced a serious test of his faith. Until the day his best friend dies. And he learns that his friend’s sister—aka the woman who broke Benjamin’s heart—might lose guardianship of her nephew. For his friend’s sake, Benjamin can’t let that happen. So he does the only thing he can think of: he proposes.

Summer’s brother was the only person who ever truly loved her. Now that he’s gone, she has one purpose: to raise his four-year-old son. Although she knows Benjamin’s proposal isn’t for real—after all, the man doesn’t know how to be serious—she can’t risk losing her nephew. She’ll just have to keep her arrangement with Benjamin strictly business—and tell her heart to stay out of it. She knows from experience that wanting more will only lead to heartache.

As they face trials and tests neither could have imagined, Benjamin is determined to prove that though their marriage may have begun impulsively, his love for Summer is real. With God’s help, can she find the courage to open herself to the possibility of being genuinely loved and wanted...this time forever?

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"Karen Kingsbury meets Nicholas Sparks"

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