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A family you'll love.

Faith you'll cherish.

Stories you'll remember.

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A series of heartbreaking losses has left Simeon and Abigail’s marriage in shambles. But can God rebuild it even stronger than they remember?


Abigail knows she’s the reason she and her husband Simeon have lost their battle to have a baby. It’s God’s punishment for her past—a past she never told Simeon about. He thinks the reason she was on the mission trip where they met was to serve God. If he learns the truth now, he’ll send her packing. Just like her family did. Better that she leave him first.


As a Christian counselor, Simeon should be able to help his wife. And it’s killing him that he can’t. It seems like the harder he tries, the more he pushes her away. When she finally asks for a divorce, it’s nothing he didn’t expect.


But it breaks him just the same.When they face yet another tragedy, will it tear them apart for good? Or can God use it to draw them back to one another—and to him?


(Will also be available in print, audiobook, and Kindle Unlimited at release)

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