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"This inspirational story is SO good! It is a story of hope, forgiveness, faith and love. It was tender and romantic yet touched on real life struggles and emotions."

Everyone knows former bad girl Jade and local pastor Dan don’t belong together. But when what they know and what they feel are two different things, can they trust God to give them a second chance?

When Jade agrees to return to Hope Springs for the summer, it’s with the hope that she might finally be able to escape her reputation. The list of mistakes she’s made would stretch all the way from Hope Springs to California and back. And at the top of the list: leaving town without so much as a word of explanation to Dan, the only man she’s ever truly loved. It was for his own good, but that doesn’t mean he’s any more likely to forgive her.

The moment Jade comes waltzing back into town, Dan knows he needs to be careful. Newly appointed as head pastor of Hope Church to replace his retired father, he is under pressure to prove he’s up to the task. Dating the town’s former bad girl wouldn’t exactly make the best impression. And anyway, he doesn’t relish the thought of getting his heart broken by her again. But hard as he tries, Dan can’t deny that he still has feelings for her—and they’re growing stronger by the day.

When Jade learns a secret that could destroy both of their reputations, her first instinct is to push Dan away again. But this time, he has to be the one to decide: let her walk away, or trust God to give them a second chance?

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"Karen Kingsbury meets Nicholas Sparks"

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