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"Will definitely pull on your heartstrings from the beginning to the end. God’s handiwork and love is surely displayed throughout!"

He’s on the verge of the perfect life when he meets the woman who changes everything…including his idea of what perfect means.

Fifteen years after his sister tore his family apart, Cam finally has everything he thinks he wants. So he doesn’t appreciate the call from a complete stranger informing him that he needs to drop everything and fly to Hope Springs to care for the niece he didn’t even know he had. And yet, somehow he can’t say no. He’ll go to Hope Springs, make alternate arrangements for the girl, and get back to his real, nearly perfect life.

At least that’s the plan. Until he meets Kayla.

Kayla knows she should leave well enough alone once Cam arrives to take care of the little girl she rescued from a car accident. He’s made it clear that he doesn’t want her help caring for the girl—but she can tell he needs it. Besides, she’s already made a connection with the girl that she can’t deny. She’ll just have to be careful not to get too close—she’s worked too hard to regain her independence after her spinal cord injury to sacrifice it for anyone.

But the more time Kayla spends with the two of them, the more she wonders whether being independent really means closing yourself off to others. And the longer Cam spends in Hope Springs, the more he questions what the perfect life really means. Can they both let go of what they thought they wanted and let God give them the love they truly need?

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"Karen Kingsbury meets Nicholas Sparks"

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