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“I couldn’t put it down. Peyton and Jared’s love story gives you hope that second chances really can happen!”

She’s looking for “the one.” He knows it can never be him. Unless God has other plans for them...

Peyton has been looking for “the one” forever. She thought she’d finally met him when she started dating Jared. But when he told her he never planned to get married, she had to face the facts: maybe he wasn’t the one God intended for her after all. Now, she’s just trying to survive the annual ski trip with her bones—and her heart—intact.

Jared wishes he could give Peyton everything she desires. But marriage is the one thing he can never offer her. Not that it makes it easy to let her go. Especially when everywhere he turns on this ski trip, he sees her with another man—a man Jared knows can’t be trusted.

Jared may not have any business worrying about Peyton anymore. But he promised himself long ago that he’d never again stand by and watch a woman get hurt. And he’s not about to let anything happen to the woman he still loves. Even if that means losing her forever.


When a crisis rocks the trip, both have to reexamine what they want. But are their hopes for the future still too different, or can they trust that God has a plan for them?

All books in the Hope Springs series are free to read in Kindle Unlimited.


"Karen Kingsbury meets Nicholas Sparks"

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