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Be still

Anyone else have a problem with being still? I am a get-things-done kind of person. I don't like just sitting around--sometimes it even makes me feel guilty, believe it or not. After all, there are things to do, meals to make, a kitchen to clean, children to get to school, books to write. When am I supposed to find the time to be still? Life in the 21st century moves fast, and it's only getting faster every day. Sometimes, don't we long for those good old days our great-grandparents must have known? Days when the pace of life was slower, when there was actually time to be still.

The truth is, though we might have to work to find time to be still these days, that "still time" is more important than ever. We need time to be still in God's word. Time to be still in prayer. Time to be still and know that our he is God. That all things are in his control.

Too often, all the busyness that keeps us bustling around every day distracts us from the one thing we should be doing: being still.

Be still.



"Karen Kingsbury meets Nicholas Sparks"

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