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Christian Book Review: His Father's Son by Autumn Macarthur

Luke and Anna broke up years ago, after she agreed to her father’s demand that they put their unplanned baby up for adoption. Unknown to Luke, who fled just after the baby was born, Anna ended up keeping the child when he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. When Luke learns she's raising their son on her own, he returns home to prove to both himself and Anna that he can be the husband and father they need him to be.

I just finished this one last night, and, oh, my heart. I love second-chance stories, and this one was especially touching, as it deals not only with a second chance between Anna and Luke but also between Luke and the son he never knew. Be warned that this book deals with a child facing a severe illness, so it's wrenching in spots, but it’s ultimately an uplifting and heartwarming read that reflects God’s faithfulness throughout.

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"Karen Kingsbury meets Nicholas Sparks"

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