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Teasers from Not Until You

It's almost time to launch Not Until You into the world! But to hold you over until then, here are a few short excerpts...

It was as if Violet had smashed down all his walls and seen right into his heart. Seen exactly what he needed to hear, exactly what had been weighing on his soul for the past seven years. She knew him without his ever saying a word.

This was why he didn’t go out, didn’t talk to people. Eventually, people weren’t content to let you be a stranger without a history anymore. They wanted to know about your past―and they didn’t care if you didn’t want to tell about it.

A warm hand gripped her fingers and squeezed. Before he could let go, Violet squeezed back. She needed this connection, this moment to tell her she wasn’t alone, she wasn’t the only one who hurt and didn’t know what to do with it.

Be sure to check back...I'll add more over the next couple of days...



"Karen Kingsbury meets Nicholas Sparks"

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